Are you looking for branding and promoting your business through effective Google Adwords campaign that yields you better ROI with less investment? Then you have come here at the very right place at Brainmine Tech a leading PPC company in Bangalore. Well, however here the main thing is that choosing right keywords is the most basic step towards a successful PPC Campaign in Google.

Moreover, this is where most of the marketers usually fails in choosing the right keywords and thus in later stage they also do not get any expected results from their said PPC campaign even after shelling huge bucks from their pocket. So here in this blog, we are going to highlight all the key points that will help you in choosing the right keywords for PPC advertising.

Ways to Find Right Keywords

  • Start Brainstorming – Well, the very first part of the process is brainstorming where first you need to write down all the probable terms that you think your target customers might be searching the same in Google while looking for similar kinds of services or products that you provide. Like way we can divide the keywords into branded keywords and high intend keywords, the branded one are those which is already used by some of your rivals from your niche. Say if you are selling garments specially shirts then you can use name of top brands in your keywords like “Peter England best summer collections”. Well, that way when customer searches in Google then they will find your business on top of the searches that will let you fetch some good leads.
  • Choose Feature-Specific Keywords – Well, another most proven strategy you can opt here by choosing a feature-specific keywords which also be a high-intent keywords. This kind of keywords mainly focus on various aspects of a product, service, or brand that they are searching on the web. Before choosing such kinds of keywords always think about all the specific features that you can offer to your customers through your services, products, etc. As a premier PPC services in Bangalore, we do offer all kind of support to clients in choosing the right keywords based on their niche through our exclusive keyword research service.
  • Check Out Your Competitors – Well before doing the keyword research analysis we usually do some homework and see what your competitors are using as their keywords from the same niche. This is the part of the competitor’s analysis process where we not only analyse what keywords your rival companies are targeting but also try to figure out their overall marketing strategies for online promotion. Like from where they are getting all the backlinks to their site based on what keywords.
  • Expand Your List with Keyword Research – So once you dive into all those keyword research tools there are several tools are there in all across the web, but the most trusted among them is Google Keyword Planner. Free tool lets you expand the list of keywords you are creating from it.

Well, there you have it, all the information on how to find right keywords for PPC ads.

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